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Looking for something to offer your pregnant staff? Maternity Care - AT WORK

Forget rushing home from work for a 15 minute midwife appointment.
Or starting late after having a blood test.

We attend your place of work, and provide a relaxed 30 minute appointment (or longer if needed), including; checking your blood pressure, urine test, any necessary blood tests, measuring your bump and listening to your baby’s heartbeat. *

Can be care
alongside OR instead
of NHS care!

*Please note: there needs to be somewhere comfy for you to lay whilst we listen to your baby, and private enough to talk.

Having a baby should be wonderful, not something you have to “fit in” around work.

The Same friendly midwife, every time and a guaranteed appointment time.
  • Continuity of carer means:
  • no repeating yourself at every appointment
  • feeling better supported
  • more likely to spot problems earlier,
  • less incidences of premature births,
  • more likely to have straightforward birth
  • (less assisted births and less c sections)


Whether its just yourself wanting convenient care, or your whole company, we want to work with you!

Working in one place - 5 women can be seen in one day - often this can be financially beneficial for employers to pay us to attend rather than pay 5 women to have time off to attend their appointments. On average one low risk woman will have a minimum of 13 appointments (including blood tests), and take at least four hours out of the office to undertake each one!

Why not approach your employer to see if they can offer this to a group of you at work? We are happy to attend most places within the M25!


Delivering Excellence in Maternity Care to those who Deliver Excellence, At Work!

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