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Midwifery One to One Services

Antenatal and Postnatal Care
A one-off antenatal or postnatal appointment - unrushed and in your own home £250
Antenatal Care
            Gold - £2000 - all appointments from booking until labour (usually around 10 appointments) Plus birth preparation (as a 1-2-1 antenatal class) AND hypnobirthing course included.
            Silver - £1500 - up to 5 appointments between booking until labour Plus birth preparation (as a 1-2-1 antenatal class) OR hypnobirthing course included.
            Bronze - £1000 - up to 5 appointments between booking and labour - no specific birth preparation class or hypnobirthing.
Postnatal Care ONLY - £1500
            Initial postbirth visit provided by NHS, but up to 5 appointments in the first 3 weeks and telephone support for up to 6 weeks.
Breastfeeding / Infant Feeding Support
Not feeling so confident with recognising your babies feeding cues? Want unhurried and  ongoing support with feeding your baby? One off or a series of catch ups. Whatever you and your little one need. Baby weighing included if clinically indicated. £150 per appointment.
Please contact Nickie if you are a student / on benefits as payment plans accepted and some reduced fees offered.
Written in 2024: Nickie still has a breastfeeding baby and childcare will need to be planned when booking my visits. He is happy to have a cuddle / chat with anyone who wishes to get in practice! ;-) 



Antenatal "Classes"

antenatal classes

So you're wanting to know all about labour, birth, pain relief, what happens when things don't go according to plan? This is for you!

We discuss all about what happens in normal labour, what pain relief options you have available (both at the hospital and at home), what do midwives offer to check for mother and baby to ensure things are progressing well. What may be offered to you if things aren't going swimmingly!


hypnobirthing classes


So you're wanting to know more about this hypnosis for birth stuff?! This is for you.

We discuss what hypnosis is, how you can use it for pregnancy and birth. You learn how to make your own scripts and cues. We go through different parts of the labour and how your partner can help you stay "in the zone".  There is a fabulous section for birth partners and working with the midwives / other health professionals.


Combine both for the ultimate in birth preparation.

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