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A world first (to my knowledge!)


For Intended Parents

  • how to be the biggest support in the birthing room to your surrogate

  • understanding what is happening in your surrogates body and what your baby is experiencing

  • working with health professionals

  • trusting your surrogate to make the right choices & Communication when things get tough

  • easier preparation to parenting – trusting yourself


For Surrogates

  • better teamwork between you and your intended parents

  • pregnancy relaxation scripts or recordings – focussing on the “gift” you are bringing to your IP’s rather than “birthing your baby”, and addressing any worries you may have during the pregnancy.


Personalised hypnobirthing recordings for surrogates and IP’s. All types of birth catered for.

Contact Nickie by email on to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Prices as unique as your family, depending on needs. Starting at £50 for a single personalised recording.

For a baby so longed for and planned for - prepare for the big day, in the best way.

Get in touch and tell me what you need. Always happy to help.

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