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Coming soon - Postnatal Reunion Pictures and Words of appreciation!!

Closing the Bones Postnatal  Massage


In Ecuador, women are given this massage within hours of the birth, and receive it again a number of times within the postpartum period. The massage is aimed at stimulating blood flow which in turn; cleans, renews, moves fluids (may help with milk supply/lochia), moving hormones, immune system, toning muscles and tissue and helping the bladder and uterus move back into place. In traditional cultures, the postnatal period is viewed as sacred - Women often find this to be very healing and therapeutic - like thanking their body for doing its job!

Nickie was taught this traditional massage by Sophie Messenger, a Closing the Bones trainer (and one of only 2 in the UK).

The massage itself includes "sifting" (a gentle side to side rocking) with a rebozo, using the rebozo for "closing" the hip bones (wrapping them firmly in order to bring them back together), and using various hand massage techniques using oil around the pubic bones, belly and around the hips. The hips support the weight of the spine and head, and are often the seat of unresolved emotions and trauma, which can be felt upon the hips as adrenalin crystals, these are released during the massage and can be felt as a gentle popping sensation.

Closing the bones can be a very personalised experience - involving close friends and family members if you wish! Its such a lovely way to end a pregnancy and celebrate your transition to motherhood.

"I'd almost like to have another baby, just so I can experience that again!"

You can choose to have the massage either with Nickie (£50) or you can combine this with Reflexology provided by our reflexologist colleage Natalie (£75). There is something quite special in having two experienced mothers nurturing a new mother, as well as helpful arms to hold a baby if needed.

Would you like something different?       erm... yes
Guaranteed appointment time?         absolutely!
Same Friendly midwives?         definately!
No need for additional antenatal classes?         ... saving money?! Sign me up!

Then this is for you! We offer group antenatal care. Our Bump to Baby group takes over AFTER you've "booked" with your chosen NHS hospital, and hands you back when you give birth. Starting at 16 weeks(ish) in your pregnancy, come to our friendly sessions where you will learn to be in control of your own pregnancy! You still have your scans and any additional medical appointments with your NHS team. But we teach you how to do the things like check your urine and blood pressure (we are happy to do it if you don't want to!) You have individual time with the midwife (at EVERY session) to measure your growing bump, listen to your baby's heart beat, and discuss any individual concerns.

You then stay for our group discussions about everything and anything! From sex in pregnancy, to pain relief, from birth partner's tools to the best recipe for lactation cookies! - we will discuss it all, TOGETHER, in a relaxed session - THAT YOU CONTROL.

We are even happy to guide you through the NHS system if you want something they "don't allow!"

Want to hear about other services like baby massage? Want to meet a health visitor? Want to try a bit of birth hypnosis - we will invite any professional to speak / answer your questions at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Its all determined by you!!

We start a new group every month - and women are invited to the group where babies are due in roughly the same month! We even have a reunion session - mainly so we get to snuggle all the cute little babies!! But you all get to finish your journey together.

You probably wont need expensive other antenatal classes - because we covered the information as well as the mummy / daddy networking!! Put that together with continuity of carer, and a guaranteed appointment time - its a winner!!

Please ask about our groups - coming to Waltham Abbey, Harlow, Walthamstow.

Please check out our OPEN DAYS to come meet the team and find out more!

Antenatal "Classes"

postnatal meet up

So you're wanting to know all about labour, birth, pain relief, what happens when things don't go according to plan? This is for you!

Currently only available as one-to-one sessions in your home

We discuss all about what happens in normal labour, what pain relief options you have available (both at the hospital and at home), what do midwives offer to check for mother and baby to ensure things are progressing well. What may be offered to you if things aren't going swimmingly!

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